Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Just Another Nameless Face??

Based on a true story.

Does Jesus care about that little child way out in the boondocks somewhere that hardly anyone knows? What about that little one dwelling in one of the thousands of high rise apartments throughout the country? Does He care about them? Or are they just another nameless face in the throng? Does He care about you?
               Lora was just little when this happened, but boy, she will never forget it.
Mom and Dad were going to be super busy today because there was a pig that needed to be made into sausage and other good stuff. It wouldn’t do to have the children underfoot, now would it? Of course not, they would be in the way and something could happen, right?
               So Lora was given the responsibility of keeping an eye on the little ones. Only problem was Lora was only six, and anyone knows that a six year old doesn’t know very much about that great big word ‘responsibility’ and she got busy playing with her sister and the dolls. Well, Jonny was only eighteen months old and he wasn’t so keen on doing what the girls were doing. He wanted to do something much more adventurous. So he got to exploring.
               I give Lora a lot of credit for noticing, and calling over to Jonny, but by the time she got up to investigate, trouble, very, very serious trouble had happened Jonny had taken poison!  His shriek is etched forever in her memory.
               “ Mom! Dad!” Lora screamed, “Jonny has gotten into the lye! Mom! Mom! Come quick! Jonny has gotten into the lye!”
Continued from yesterday.
               Lora was sick with dread and fear when they rushed to the hospital with the limp body of her little brother. It was even worse when they came home. Without him. Lora knew she shouldn’t have been listening to the grownups talking but she did. And she heard that dreadful word. “Die.”
               Lora was little, but she knew there was a God way up there, somewhere, and she knew He could help.
               “God,” she wailed from the bottom of her anguished heart, “Please don’t let Johnny die! Mommy will blame me forever if Johnny dies! God, I’ll serve you the rest of my life if you don’t let Johnny die!”
               Did God hear that little girl’s prayer? Does God hear your prayer when you cry out with a sincere heart? Lora must have endured much agony as they waited…and waited.
               Oh the terror---the fear---the worry and feelings of guilt that must have gripped that tiny child’s heart! What was God going to do? Would He take Johnny ‘Home’ and leave her to suffer the consequences?
               Johnny was healed. Little Johnny’s health was restored and Lora couldn’t keep from calling him “Lovely,” until he became so exasperated by the age of ten that she finally quit.
               So Lora and Johnny lived happily ever after, right? Wrong. But Lora knew where to turn to in time of trouble. And now you do, to.

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