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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Let's Make a Man!

 Man 1, Man 2 and Man 3 sat in their shared office on the top floor of a business building located in the most scientifically advanced city in the world. Moments earlier, at a given signal, they had all pushed their chairs back and gone into their private lounge for Man 1 had said he had a tremendous proposition to make.
            His business associates waited for him to begin.
            “Let us make Man in our own image.”
            “But G—I mean that has been already done.” Man 2, more commonly known as Kidzhero, objected.
            “How could you nearly use THAT word,” Nerd scoffed. We have spent a lifetime trying to brainwash the masses into to not believing in,” he grimaced, and nearly spat out the word; “God.” He turned to Man 1. “Come on, Boss, what is your brilliant idea?”
            Boss’ face fell, and he would have tapped his pen on his desk if it would have been in front of him. “Problem is…You Know Who got wind of my idea and He nearly thundered: “Thou shalt not use any of my DNA nor any of the components of any living creature that I have breathed life into.”
            “Hmmm, that does make it difficult,” Nerd admitted, “but not impossible. Have you gotten any suggestions?”

     “Well, first let’s make a diagram.” Kidzhero got up and brought a piece of cardboard from the storage room .
  “Why cardboard?”
            Hero shrugged his shoulders. “It makes it seem, well, fleshier. We’ll get the feeling for it better.”
            He cut out three equal sized pieces from the flattened box and handed them out.
            The Man’s scooted back to their desks, and were soon hard at work.
``Sure hope nobody comes in right now,” Boss muttered and went to lock the door. He strolled past his business companions desks and openly scoffed.
            “You couldn’t draw to save your life,” he told Kidzhero. “Why with those spindly arms he couldn't lift a pen, let alone a stack of law books.”
            “I’m working on it,” Hero gritted, “Just give me time.”
            Boss went over to check on Nerd’s progress. It was much more complicated. Mathematical equations were strewn all over his piece of cardboard and he had begun to diagram a ‘Man’ on his computer screen using various formulas.
            “He looks pretty empty headed to me,” Boss remarked, “And robot like; stiff and immobile.”
            Nerd strove mightily to keep his voice calm and even, “And how are you getting on, Boss?”
            “I will work on mine at home. That is where the necessary resources are.``

            An hour flew swiftly by, and they knew they would have to get back to their regular work, but each afternoon was devoted to their new project which they swore would thrill the world once it was developed.
            The three Man`s were so engrossed with their project that they scarcely noticed the seasons turning and the years flying by. By combining their ideas they eventually came up with a very mobile, life-like creature that with the aid of a computer hidden inside could speak, sing and do other actions seemingly effortlessly, but they were not ready to broadcast their efforts.
            ``If only we could figure how to make Aden,” for that`s what they called him, `Do things on his own, `` Nerd complained.
            ``If only we could have fooled around with DNA` Kidzhero muttered for the umpteenth time.
            Boss, who was gray haired by then, looked weary beyond his sixty years. `Well, fellows, I might as well admit it. HE never said we couldn't use what HE had created: I just came up with that idea myself.``
            Kidzhero looked annoyed, but Nerd nodded sagely. ``I figured out as much years ago, but secretly agreed with you. If we can`t make Man in our image without using some of HIS stuff we`ll never convince EVERYONE that HE never existed. There will always be a few doubters.”
            Boss agreed, but Kidzhero sulked.
The years wore on, and the three of them eventually had to retire after handing all their blueprints to their children. The time came for their sons also to retire, and I don`t know how many generations will go by while they are still working on that project. No matter where I am by then, let me know if they succeed.