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Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Settling in to Stay?

Three days later Margaret pressed her fingers against her throbbing temples. Is this the day they would finally, finally, find a place that was suitable to live in? Even kindhearted Madena was getting flustered with the children tearing in and out of the tiny quarters all day long and Margaret knew that Teo and David escaped outside as much as possible. The first place was too far up the mountain since they could only use 'Shank's pony' as David called walking; the next one too shabby and so on. Just then David poked his head in the door letting in a refreshing glimpse of blue sky and cheery sunshine. He had returned from the General Store with Teo. “I heard about a place you might like. Wanna come look?” Margaret dried her hands on her apron. “Okay.” She didn't very much enjoy clambering down the mountain but climbing up was much harder. Margaret's eyes widened in delighted surprise when she took in the small but roomy chalet on a tree-lined side street. Yes! This could work, it really could. It felt like home already. When they took the train to the city to finish the deal, they had other important shopping to do. Like going to a second-hand furniture store. “Mother,” Sally wailed. “Not these chairs! Why one of them has paint splatters!” “Nothing that a little paint couldn't cover,” Margaret responded comfortably. “Then they can be the colour we want, not what someone else chose.” However, it was Margaret who felt consternation about the next purchase. The wringer washing machine David was paying for leaked: “Just a little, just a little” according to the salesman but Margaret was worried. Does David know how to fix appliances? Will he have time? It was Alice who voiced her opinion about the only armchair they could find. “This chair is too hard!” she squeaked in a Goldilocks-style of voice. “Not hard,” Sally groused. “Lumpy.” “I've always wanted to try my hand at reupholstering a chair,” Margaret said. The first time Margaret filled the washing machine, she was counting her blessings that the scrub board could be put away; until she turned it on. “David!” She called, “David, come quickly!” David had been hanging up the clothesline, but when he hurried in, he landed on his backside. The whole kitchen was flooded with water!
Although Margaret commiserated with him, she was secretly glad it happened when he was at home. Otherwise, repairs mightn't have seemed so urgent. Yes, David's mechanical skills came in handy and by nightfall, she was able to put the first load of soggy laundry through the wringer. Using the line would have to wait until morning which reminded her of another day years before when she was hanging nappies and tiny garments on a line strung across an apartment roof. My, the babies have grown. Margaret liked to reach the little cabin on the mountain by ten-thirty in the morning whenever possible, Now that the children were in school it was easier to get her own housekeeping done and off sooner than formerly. She was finding that the stiff climb in the fresh air was doing her much good. Today Teo met her at the door without his usual friendly smile and motioned her to follow him towards the large oak tree. “My wife, she is not doing so well, She fell during the night and I think caring for Rich-ard is getting too much for her.” Margaret nodded. Why hadn't they seen it coming? He looked down and Margaret sensed it was hard for him to continue. She wanted to place her hand on his shoulder but couldn't get herself to. “She is getting so forgetful, yes? Today she was going to spoon coffee into, into the lad instead of broth.” “We will try to move him as soon as possible.” Alice would have to move in with Sally. Sally would not like that. She was so glad for a room of her own. Or should he move in with Davy? We'll have to discuss it later. She followed Teo back in to help where ever she could. Teo and Madena had quickly become like dearly beloved grandparents, so the Seifert’ frequently stopped in to help them. Margaret would often bring a pot of savoury soup, fresh buns, gingerbread or just check to see how they were doing. It wasn't long before David started training as a mountain guide ‘to keep himself busy’ he claimed, until they knew if Richard could be moved or not. Margaret had never seen David so energized; so full of life, as he became after his tour book began to fill up. Margaret didn't talk too much about it, but it looked like the Seifert were settling in for a long stay in Switzerland which dimmed the chances of the girls ever getting together.