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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Where Do You Dwell

So Where Are You Dwelling?

Narrow dusty corridors run throughout the castle, they are so much like a maze I can’t keep them all straight, rules, rules, and more rules. Every so often along the stone walls a cage appears with a sad, gaunt face peering out.  Someone had broken one of the hundreds of unwritten decrees and is imprisoned by condemnation, either self-inflicted or otherwise.  It is a grim place to be but I must be there, I must work diligently every blessed, er, I mean not so blessed day of my life to keep these halls clean lest the disapproving attention of the master is drawn to me, his trembling servant.

Or must I?

Must I be constantly feeling unloved, haunted by guilt, scurrying around like a rat, forever pursued, forever guilty, forever afraid of being caught by the frowning Judge who seems to be always glowering over my shoulder?

Perish the thought! Don’t you dare think of not walking the extremely straight and narrow path, such ideas are wicked, wicked, wicked! You must toe the line, be shackled by chains of….oh I can’t count them all, now get to work! Keep your nose to the grindstone rough and banish those flighty dreams of fantasy.

But I can’t, and in a weak moment,  flee….Ah, the desert is so beautiful! I run with frenzied haste to a beautiful oasis, a paradise filled with refreshing fountains and verdant greenery. I run and run but it forever eludes me, it is a bauble, a mirage, but ah, there is another one, closer this time, brighter and more inviting, and there is something there. I rest, satisfied at last, but what, what? All around me, the ‘oasis’ is drying up, fading and growing a dingy brown, I am disappointed and continue searching for that elusive place called happiness.

Other so-called havens tantalize me; success, popularity and so much more, but ah me, there is always something wrong with them. Sometimes the water is bitter, the fruit unpalatable and I cry, where oh where can I find satisfaction?

Then an angel appears, a hand to hold, guiding me, pointing the way. The path is steep and rugged but somehow I trust this leader. He seems safe and steady.

He points to the foot of a cross. I lay my burden down, uh, me such a lot of garbage I had been hauling around: stinking, vile stuff. Then he breaks the chains and such a weight falls away from me.
I turn, with tear streaked eyes to thank the angel and find He is much more than that. He is my Savior, Friend, and Guide.

Together we walk. No more do I find places where the water is tainted, the food unpalatable because He shows me the right paths to choose. In His Presence is the fullness of joy. He leads me to Living Fountains. We stay clear of bauble like havens because He knows the way and I feel safe with Him as my Attendant
Hint: there's an illusion to the desert in the fallowing link:

Friday, 26 August 2016

Two Miracles

Anxiety Disorder (An open letter)