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Thursday, 7 July 2016

We're All Teacher's Pets

We're All Teacher's Pet!
Can you picture a little guy in a one room log school house? He’s the one who more than likely has a frog in his pocket, a mischievous grin on his face, sparkling eyes, and a cowlick!
He’s the one who can’t quite settle down, causes all kinds of disturbances in class but ---is loved.
That’s how God must sometimes feel about me. I wiggle and squirm and get easily distracted when He tries to teach me something but He never loses patience with me.
Like last night, for example; I was trying to have my devotions but couldn’t concentrate worth a hill o’ beans. Did He get stern and glower forbiddingly at me? No…Did He—Heaven forbid-- look meaningfully towards the thick black strap hanging from a nail on the wall? No, ma’am.
He did say, though, that I needed to learn self-discipline, and I wanted to, oh, my but did I ever! I loved those beautiful lessons He taught me in the past, the sweet communion of His presence, but the little child inside me wanted to jump right out and play.
All was not lost, though. I ‘saw’ the twinkle in His eye, the kindly, if not slightly amused expression on His face, and just wanted to try harder next time!