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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Cry From Across the Waters

I woke up abruptly at 4:28 recently. Someone said “Mom, hey, Mom “clear enough to get me out of bed and look out our bedroom door. We have a daughter who has moved back home so I thought it might be her, but no, no one was there. I even checked where she sleeps, but all was quiet and dark in her bedroom, and she later told me it wasn’t her.

Was it you? Did you call out last night? Did you need something, or someone? Was/ is your heart aching, or sadder yet, breaking, perhaps because of some terrible turn of events in your life?

Something nudged me awake. Someone called out in anguish, perhaps unknowingly, but God let me hear the message. I just want to let you know you have been in my heart and prayers ever since.
Message me on hangouts if you need someone to talk to. 

P.S. There is a remarkable, but sad ending to to this story. After I posted the above, someone from half a world away read it and messaged me on hangouts. Yes, she had called out to me. She was in the throes of childbirth, and I walked her through the process. When she said "I see God's light and you are in it" I figured she was going...After a bit she said she had a boy, the next two texts were gibberish, then silence.  I was informed later she had died. 

Thursday, 14 April 2016

He Came So That We Can Be Free

 Tears of despair trickled down her careworn cheeks as she gazed out the darkened window. Day and night the Evil One is demanding that I let him have the boys. But how can I? They are precious to me! Mentally she looked around her bleak surroundings, and groaned deeply .Now that my husband Lawe, has died, I have nothing to offer to keep them out of the creditors clutches. I have no talents, not charm, no money"—

                        “Nothing?” The barely audible voice stilled her troubled soul.