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Sunday, 25 September 2016

What Are Your Favorite Words?

Home: what a beautiful word. I have been thinking about it a lot lately and it brings a smile to my lips, a warm glow in my heart.

Home Sweet Home, a place where family and friends gather and there is harmony, joy, and peace.

Or isn’t there?  Maybe that’s just a dream or wistful thinking for you? It has been for me too, far too often. 
I remember well the heartache that raising a family can bring: the stress, the turmoil, the fighting, and yes even disrespect.

Oh, why do people talk about home, sweet home? Is it even possible this side of Heaven for those of us who had less than perfect role models?

What do you think? Can you embrace the thought with no reserve?

I’ve found the answer: since Jesus has found a home in my heart there can be love, joy, and peace in spite of storms all around. It seems like such a little thing but it isn’t.  The Light of the world is Jesus and when that light is in our hearts it will automatically be in our homes and create a balm of joy to those around us.
Sound too idealistic? Maybe it’s time to find that secret place of prayer and surrender today’s problems to Him who is the perfect Homemaker. Too busy? Lock the bathroom door and throw your burden into your Savior’s arms. Hey, no strings attached. Let go of it completely, yes completely and march away.

You may or may not notice a difference right away, but if you give Jesus a chance to help you, peace, joy and love will be restored to your little haven and soon you to will be murmuring “Home, Sweet  Home.”

P.S. Don’t give up too soon. Keep or trying, praying, trusting, and remember our Father is the best role model and He loves homes!

P.S. What works for you when you're all stressed out? I told you what I like to do, so now it's your turn! : )

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

The Stepping Stones of Life

  In the beautiful valley of Somewhere      
Lies a woodland green and lush
Where the melody of a songbird
Scatters the evening hush.

The dewdrops are sparkling sweetly
On the bluebells, violets and rose
And through the slanting sunlight
A moss-covered footbridge shows.

Meandering footstones are leading
Leading me who-knows-where;             
Sometimes through wild flower meadows
Sometimes near Wolf and the bear.
Flat rugged stones of beauty
Marking the pathway for me
But in the deepening darkness 
They fade to obscurity 

A tiny frail lantern is lifted
As I pick my way through the gloam*  
 This lovely, faint footpath I’ll cherish
For it is guiding me Home.