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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Oops! Wrong Food!

What do little boys do when they’re hungry? Why, find food, of course! And that’s what “Billy’ did to. Only problem is, he looked in the wrong place, and it got him into a lot more trouble than he had bargained for. Church was over, but all the Mommy’s and Daddy’s were attending some sort of a council meeting afterwards, and the little folks weren't allowed to be with them. Well, as time went on Billy and his friends were getting more and more hungry so they started looking around and they found something to eat! No, it wasn’t pop and potato chips, but it would do in a pinch! There was lots of fresh, yummy bread,( or something!) and what’s this drink? They weren't sure what to make of it, but drank (lots) anyways.  
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I will leave it to your imagination just how impressed those grownups were when they discovered those sadly intoxicated youngsters, and they were punished severely.

Linda also associated church with severe disapproval and punishment. This was a place where the ‘sisters’ were always glaring at the small fry as they filed timidly in, and Linda was sure she was guilty of some unnamed sin. On top of that they had to stare at that image of a Dead Man all the time. What good was a dead god? As time went on Linda began to think he wasn’t much good for anything and she began to despise—well, at least challenge him. Hey, if you were slammed with as much abuse from the effects of alcoholism, are you sure you wouldn't have reacted the same way?
As time went on life got worst instead of better, and eventually she got married, BUT her husband got cancer, and her mother-in-law was also dying. She had planned on a nursing career but ended up devoting her time and talents to elderly relatives when they were nearing their end.  Stress! (Remember to pile that on top of the other stuff I told you about.)

Well time went on, and one day a man came in to their house. I think he was a Bed and Breakfast guest, but I am not sure. He went into the living room and started walking around. That made Linda furious because she sensed he was praying for her. She must have loudly proclaimed her opinion of God which is why he had responded that way.
Okay, tightly close the curtain on that scene, and come a little closer. Do you see that halo of light around the praying woman? Do you see the radiance; the sheer joy in her face? Do you know what happened?  Do you? When she came to Jesus, repenting, she was touched by the hand of God. She was cleansed, forgiven, healed. Linda knew what it was like to feel so defiled by the unspeakable misuse of others that she would scrub herself until her skin bled, but now she felt so clean, so PURE! Never again did she feel the need to scrub her skin raw. A bath became a pleasure like it is meant to be. With rapture she clung to that feeling of purity that the loving Father gave her. Now Linda serves a risen Saviour; one that set her free and gives her victory. Do you serve Him, to?
P.S. It thrills me each time I hear a story about someone who has found the Light especially if they haven't even known loving, praying Christians.   Maybe you have a story to share. I would love to hear it!  Maybe you also have gotten a glimpse of that lovely, beckoning light. Follow it. Please do.
 "It is no secret what God can do, what He's done for others He'll do for you." A song I heard somewhere.