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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

The Stepping Stones of Life

  In the beautiful valley of Somewhere      
Lies a woodland green and lush
Where the melody of a songbird
Scatters the evening hush.

The dewdrops are sparkling sweetly
On the bluebells, violets and rose
And through the slanting sunlight
A moss-covered footbridge shows.

Meandering footstones are leading
Leading me who-knows-where;             
Sometimes through wild flower meadows
Sometimes near Wolf and the bear.
Flat rugged stones of beauty
Marking the pathway for me
But in the deepening darkness 
They fade to obscurity 

A tiny frail lantern is lifted
As I pick my way through the gloam*  
 This lovely, faint footpath I’ll cherish
For it is guiding me Home.