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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Just One More Flame

Jaden glanced towards the darkened patio door.
“Just one more, Lord, let me send out just one more post before they come. “
                He knew perfectly well his time was limited.
                “What would you have me write about this time? What compelling message could be my final farewell—“
                Final farewell? No, no I don’t want to think of it that way. When God closes one door he opens another. He looked once more towards the drapes that were blocking out the night. Soon, but not too soon, he hoped, early dawn would lighten the sky and it had been rumored that they would come for him, then.
                As he waited for the laptop to boot-up, he bowed his head in prayer, “Lord give me words.” John 3:16 came to his mind: it was one of the most powerful messages in the world.
                For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth on Him should not perish (die) but have everlasting life (live forever in Heaven with God.)
                His hands nearly skimmed over the keys. What can I add to these words?
Twin pools of lights were tunneling through the darkness.  A car was coming down the quiet, suburban street followed by another, then another. He knew without a doubt they would stop in, and by his driveway.
His mind was in frenzy. “What more can I write Lord, what more?”
“Just send it, send it.”
                The patio door was locked but it was child’s play for them to get in.
                “Seize the computer!” the leader commanded as two men forcibly handcuffed him.
                “Go,” Jaden pleaded inwardly; looking at the screen, “Just go.” Sometimes it took so long for a post to be truly sent; sometimes he had to reload it.
                “Shall I destroy the laptop?” The swarthy, turbaned man lifted up an axe that Jaden knew would soon be laid to his own neck.
                “No, no. Dats ef-evidence! We will learn much.”
                As Jaden was man-handled into one of the vehicles a deep peace rolled over his soul.

                I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course. May Christ’s light flame brightly through me one last time when I lay down my life.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Veronica Partridge Exposed

 I don’t know so terribly much about partridges but suspect they have a lot in common with chickens. Anyone who knows me well knows how fond I am of raising free range hens and selling the eggs. But there is something even more enjoyable than that. It is watching Mama Bird possessively brood over a nest of eggs and patiently wait, with barely any food or water, for those little guys to be mature enough to peck their way out of the shells. Her nurturing instinct doesn’t end there, however, and I love to see how she calls her little brood over to share some food she has discovered. I love even more how they nestle under her wings yet peek out, out of curiosity at the friendly world around them. I have an amusing memory of one ‘teenage’ chick