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Friday, 15 April 2016

More About My Spiritual Journey

Did I imply just the two of us? I need to correct that a bit. Jesus knew that I was afraid, lonely and sad. For many miles I watched the clouds in the dark sky. Do you want to know why? It is because they looked like angels flying along beside our car to comfort and protect me.
Not only did we travel on, but time traveled on also. It was quite an emotionally intense time visiting at my Dad’s. We never had much to say to each other, and I suppose others may have found him to be an agreeable sort, but my guards were always up.
One of the things that stressed me out, although we didn’t use that phrase in those days, was going to the Tabernacle. It could well be that there were a few sincere Christians there, but the atmosphere made me nervous I felt fearful hearing such strange tongues being spoken in a higher and higher crescendo, and several at once: was it really of God? As a sincere young teenager I was earnestly looking for answers, and my Dad was bitterly opposed to the Mennonites. So where did I turn? The Bible of course.  It was beautiful how the Sermon on the Mount was illuminated for me, and it was revealed to me the difference between ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing and gentle sheep following their humble Shepherd.
But then I knelt down beside my bed to talk to God about it, and something didn’t seem right. I felt like I wasn’t ready to pray because my head wasn’t covered! This was a new experience for me to feel that way, so I think I donned some sort of covering while having my devotions then later decided to check it out in the Bible as to why I all of a sudden felt as if it was so important to pray with my head covered!
For some reason I knew that there was mention of a head covering in Corinthians 11, but I had never paid any attention to it, before. After all none of the women in the church I grew up in wore even a hat for going to church so it was totally a non-issue with me.
But here I was sitting on the bed with a Bible on my lap and it became obvious that two separate coverings were being written about, one naturally being the woman’s hair. 
Did I make the change? Well, I was young and child-like at the time, and I started to, and there is one time, in particular I sure wish I would have!