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Saturday, 1 November 2014

Woman Dearly Loved

I found a poem today that shares what kind of person I am almost better than anything I could say, so I am going to share it.           
To see and watch her is to know
That she is deeply loved. Her face
Reflects this love. Love has left its trace
In her serenity, the glow
Of deep contentment in her eyes.
Her joyous laugh, the cheerful way
She goes about her work each day.
Love halos women, beautifies
The plainest face, for more than bread
To every woman is the knowing
She is cherished: keeps her glowing
With confidence, affection-fed:
Her happiness, so much a part
Of love, enshrined within her heart.
Velma West Sykes

If you know how I can get hold of this lovely poet to give her credit, please let me know.