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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

We Miss You

Dear Young Friend,
Did you think that we wouldn’t notice that you weren’t going to church anymore? Did you think that no one cared?  We have been saddened that you have been missing church Sunday after Sunday, saddened to see you taking on the ways and apparel of the world. But do you think we are condemning you? Absolutely not! We know that it would be difficult to be a Christian when you don’t have any encouragement from your family. We have noticed how brave you had been for months by coming all by yourself.
May God comfort you during this distressing time. I have reason to believe you still want to be a Christian, want to do what’s right. Will it help to know we are pulling for you, praying for you, longing to help?
With love,
One of your Spiritual Sisters,

Monday, 17 March 2014

Just Pretend to Change

“Claudine, don't be so hard on yourself,” a childhood friend pleaded as she handed her a basket after the guard had left. “Just give lip service to their demands.”