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Monday, 20 July 2015

My Appointment With the King

I serve such a wonderful king. Every morning about five thirty, I get to have an appointment with Him. The thing is I know He has millions of other subjects and billions of other concerns to attend to, but when my soft musical alarm chimes, I feel such a drawing to the throne room of Adonai.
How can it be that He makes me feel so special? How can it be that He can make me feel like I am the only one in the universe and that He loves me so much? I know every single one of you can and hopefully do feel the same way. Regardless of what time of day you send a prayer dart His way He is sure to catch it,
Make an appointment early in the morning. Don’t worry, it won’t interrupt my time. There is something about the dawning of a new day which is so…perfect for meeting with our beloved Saviour and Guide because there aren’t so many distractions, yet.
Here’s my formula, but maybe something else will be more satisfying for you.
I head to the recliner in the living room, put my feet up, and let the warmth of His presence flow over me. He feels so real, so kind and it’s a great time to thank Him for always being there. We travelled part way across Canada this summer, but He was there ever km (mile) of the way. We went to Africa last summer and lo He was still so close. How can I feel fear of anything for very long with the blessed assurance of His comforting presence?
After praising Him for a few minutes it’s time to look up a topic in our chain reference Bible or continue on a topic I had been studying other mornings. I find a verse, and invariably the surrounding verses catch my attention also. Soon I haul out the good old Matthew Henry’s commentary and more wonderful jewels are uncovered for the day.
Of course during this devotional time there is plenty of opportunity during meditation to share with the Father whatever burdens or decisions might be weighing on my mind.

I know Adonai is never in a rush, but unfortunately I have to have a different time schedule. Writing this is encroaching on my ‘sweet hour of prayer’. I want to quickly send this off so I can worship at the feet of our holy Adonai. Meet me there!

Monday, 17 November 2014

Just a Little Honey, Why Not?

Slightly updated
The second part of a story found in 1 Samuel 14
Part of the Glass Castle Series.
Jonathan was enthused about the battle, but he was getting tired, really tired. He noticed that his fellow comrades were also wearying, although they were valiantly pursuing the enemy. He had been rooting out ‘demons of darkness’ in a thick woods and paused for a moment to catch his breath.
            “Ah, honey!”
In their haste that morning they had forgotten to take time for their devotions, time to receive the special food from the King that would help them to battle on tirelessly. Seeing that honey dripping onto the ground caused Jonathan to rejoice.
“Surely the King of Love is with us,” he cried, “and has blessed us with nourishment even though we had been too hasty to take time to eat this morning.”
In his eagerness to taste the delectable treat he hadn’t noticed that all the men around him had fallen silent and were watching him.
“Know you not that the Captain specifically asked us not to waste time eating?” someone ventured.
“What? What kind of logic is that?”
“He was so confident of our success that he told us it wouldn’t be necessary.”
Jonathan looked slowly around him. “But look how much better I feel. I am refreshed. Think how much better all of you would feel if you had taken a moment to feed on the manna from Heaven, or even just a little honey.”
He saw that some of them were beginning to scuff the leaves under foot so said briskly. “But all is not lost, men. We are still in the army of the King, so let’s go to it with renewed vigor now that we have rested a bit.”
The fight was renewed, and many of the enemy was routed, but Jonathan knew secretly that the victory would have been greater if they would have stopped for nourishment.

The day waxed and waned and although there were many victories, disaster befell them. Some of the weaker soldiers became contaminated by the enemy’s food, and even their bold, impetuous Captain saw that something had to be done or the triumph of the day would turn to tragedy.  

The King of Love would have wanted them to take time for devotions, I mean heavenly manna or even a bit of honey, but since they listened to a different voice they weren't truly prepared for battle.