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Saturday, 26 January 2013

The Bewildering Turn of Events

The crowded feeling had been taking on a different sensation the last while. Not only were they continually getting into each others way, but it seemed like the walls of Primo were squeezing in on them from time to time. At first they didn't mind waking up from a nap to receive a big hug but those 'cuddle times' were becoming more and more frequent and they were not always comfortable, especially at the times it caught them in the wrong position. The hugs were gradually repositioning them for---for---they Knew-Not-What!!

The little companions didn't talk much anymore. Partly because there didn't seem anything left to say, but mainly because they were bewildered by the strange turn of events, namely this tightening feeling which was coming with increasing frequency.

"I think something is about to happen," Bel Esprit remarked one day.