Saturday, 15 November 2014

IF The Lord is With Us

Part of the Glass Castle Series

“I've had it,” Jonathan declared, tightening his helmet under his chin. “Here we are servants of the King of Love, yet we are slinking around like timid foxes.”
        “As if foxes were ever timid!” his armor bearer retorted.
        “Well timid-something, then; lambs maybe. Here we are hiding in holes and dens of the earth when we have won so many victories in the past. What’s got into us?”
        His armor bearer, Davin, shrugged his shoulders.
        Jonathan peered cautiously out of the cave, looked all around, then reported back to his companion.
        “I see no one around. They’re probably sitting around eating and drinking and having a good time. “
        “The enemy you mean? “
        “Not our soldiers. They’re terrified.” 
Then his face softened. “What they need is a leader. A strong leader, one that is courageous and decisive about following our Master.”
He slipped into his iron clad sandals and tightened them, then beckoned to Davin.
        “See those two tall, jagged rocks out here? Between them is a good look out over the plateau. We can get a better idea of the enemy’s tactics from there.”     Davin nodded thoughtfully then scrambled after his buddy to the excellent vantage point.

        “I think I know what the King of Love wants us to do,” Jonathan explained in a low voice. “If they come up to us, then we better flee, because our Lord is not leading us, but IF they tell us to come to them then, WHOOPEE! –“
        Jonathan dropped his voice. “We can conquer in the Name of the Lord!”
     He stepped boldly forward and waved his arms.
        Two young soldiers strode cockily towards them. “Ha, look. The cowards are timidly peering out. Come face us if you dare!”

        Jonathan’s neck flushed with anger.
        “If we dare,” he muttered while quickly making his way over the cliff. “The Lord is for us!”  He shouted and plunged into the thick of the fray.
        The demonic army seemed to be frightened by their courage and determination. 

Others from the Glass Castle saw what was happening. Their own fear turned to shame then determination not to let the Enemy have such an inroad into their lives.
 With a prayer on their lips and a shining sword in their hands they too were determined to conquer. In the Name of the Lord!

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