Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Invasion in Primo(Part One)

Have you ever heard of the wonderful land, the glorious land, the warm and happy land of Primo? It is not so very far away, but is in a dim and mysterious country where strange and incredible things happen every day.

One quiet twilight there was a small explosion in this strange country. It was such a minute happening that no one even heard it, but it started the most amazing chain of events. With fascinating and astonishing speed, tremendous activity began within the sheltering walls of Primo. The strange thing about this change of events is that only moments before Primo was a completely lifeless place, small, odd shaped and part of a weird-looking hemisphere. Where did this spark of life come from? What started this remarkable multiplication of cells that instantly began expanding in size and activity? No one knows for certain, least of all my little friend Bon Ami, who one day woke up to find herself floating in a warm and tranquil ocean. 

To be continued.

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