Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Touch It If You Can

How would you like it if I came along with my dry, clumsy finger and started to rub your eyeball?

You and I know that would never, ever happen. If I would even suggest it you would give me that wide eyed ‘she is crazy stare” and flee. Of course I would do the same. There is something very delicate and sensitive about the eye. It needs protecting so badly that the eyelids automatically shutter, and even the lashes filter out a certain amount of dust, grit or whatever.

And yet I came across this verse that is thrilling. “He that touches you touches the apple of my eye.” Zech. 2:8. Could the great I AM make it any clearer that He is truly watching over you and is keenly aware of every single thing that goes on in your life, could you find a clearer picture anywhere of His protective qualities?

And yet He loves us enough to let us choose not to come to Him even though He is constantly watching out for us. Awesome. 

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