Thursday, 14 April 2016

He Came So That We Can Be Free

 Tears of despair trickled down her careworn cheeks as she gazed out the darkened window. Day and night the Evil One is demanding that I let him have the boys. But how can I? They are precious to me! Mentally she looked around her bleak surroundings, and groaned deeply .Now that my husband Lawe, has died, I have nothing to offer to keep them out of the creditors clutches. I have no talents, not charm, no money"—

                        “Nothing?” The barely audible voice stilled her troubled soul.

“Yea, Lord, I have nothing…”
“What have I given thee?”

She paused, thought a moment, before bowing her head. Thou anointest my head with oil, my cup runneth over.

Thy Spirit, oh Lord.”

“I have filled thy vessel with the fragrant oil of my Spirit. But you must share it, my child.”

“But how can I? I have no talents.”

“Take thy vessel of oil and have thy sons gather empty vessels from all thy neighbours. Reach out my child, and you will see how many accessible containers are all around thee. One needs the oil of kindness, another prayer for healing for their broken heart, Old Sarai needs a little oil to light her lamps with joy, and so on.  Hast thou offered the oil of forgiveness to thy neighbour who hath wronged thee?”

“Nay, my Lord.”

“Then start there.”
“But what about my boys?”

“When they see you pouring forth thy oil of love, they will be blessed also, and neither thou, nor thy sons shall be in want.

“Is it that easy?”

“Rise, my love,” He said taking her by the hand. “Give and it shall be given unto thee, pressed down, shaken together and running over.”

            Her head had been buried in her hands, but when she looked up her Councilor was gone and the first wide bands of sunrise were lightening the sky.

            “Arise, my sons,” she called. “The Lord hath spoken to me. If we do as he hath commanded he will make a way.”

            Does this story sound familiar? You can find the original in ll Kings Chapter four. It’s one of my favorites.

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