Thursday, 28 September 2017

What's Wrong With Mommy?

Emily had no way of knowing what was making her mother so unhappy but she was worried. As the six-year-old
girl trotted along the empty tracks beside her Grandpa she wasn’t prattling in her usual happy way and Ben’s brow furrowed. How can I get her to not think about the tension in the home?
He had never seen Marita so close to hysteria before. Something was definitely on her mind and Randall, his son and Marita’s husband was determined to get it out of her. Ben’s frown deepened. Could any good come out of the confrontation?
Ben had whisked the little girl out of the house before the showdown occurred but not soon enough to avert his granddaughter’s puzzling questions.
There’s nothing to worry about, “ he said taking her hand. “Look! There’s a little bird. What do you think it is?”
A robin,” she responded, barely glancing at it. She picked up a lump of coal had fallen out of a train car and rolled it between her hands.
As they trudged along, Ben racked his brains for a way to cheer the youngster. He wondered how far they would have to go before daring to turn back.
Emily’s face lighted as she skipped over to the shining rail, and teetered on top of it.
Hold my hand, Gran’pa. I want to walk on it.”
Ben inwardly groaned. That’s a job for her mother to do.

Evidently, she doesn’t think I’m doing a good enough job, he thought a moment later, as she hopped off to gather some black-eyed Susan’s and purple asters.

Let’s give these to Mommy.  That’ll make her happy.” Soon an eagle high in the sky saw two small figures trudging down a long railway.

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