Friday, 10 May 2013

Even Then? Even There?

I have a very dear friend and guide. Even when I stroll through the mall or leaf through catalogues and see many desirable things that I cannot get, I am okay. He is so much more satisfying than anything in this world I have ever shopped for.

 Even if my home is a slummy dump
somewhere where raucous parties go on way into the night, and criminal activities are known to occur,
I am okay there, also, because deep within is a peace that I can cling to. When the laughter has died down and the partiers have gone away, he restores my soul. I may not have more than a tattered tract that someone cast aside to teach me more about him, but it speaks of my beloved friend, and I will trust in His worthy Name.
  I have  heard his quiet, almost musical voice speak to me. If I listen and obey this sweet voice, I feel good. If I disregard it, that lovely peace and joy disappears like steam from a kettle. I want to follow it closely.
   Even if I hear of more shootings in schools, or drug wars, or terrorism I will fear no evil. That doesn't mean I won't be tempted to fear, but I will trust my dear friend. He will take my fear away, and give me peace.That doesn't mean that evil couldn't happen to me, but I will not fear it. Jesus is my shield. I am safe in His care. Even if I am tortured and killed, He will be with me. He will comfort me, and if it gets too bad, He will take me home where I will be safe and full of joy forever more!
 His word is precious to me, fellowship with those who also love Jesus (Yeshua) is food for the soul. Even though the Evil One sends many thoughts into our mind to disturb us, we can find nourishment and strength at Jesus’ feet to face him once again. 
 I have found that being in his presence makes my heart overflow with joy. 
 When I look back over my life I see that Jesus has been good to me, and so merciful, so I know He will continue to be so.
.  If dwelling in His presence is so wonderful, now, what will it be like throughout all eternity?  Type in Psalms 23:1.

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