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Mary's View of Christmas

20th Chisleu
December 16th

20th Chisleu
December 16th
Traveling has not been so bad after all. I didn’t realize how beautiful much
of this country is. The olive gardens and fields are such a bright green
at this time of year. I can always anticipate a splendid view over the
next hill, which makes all the climbing worth it. We have traveled one
day’s journey, we stopped a little while ago. I think the monotonous
plodding of the donkey relaxes me. I suppose if I was not used to riding
donkey, I would be more stiff and sore, but that is our main means of travel..

All around us little campfires are brightening up the evening scene.
Yosef also has a cheery fire going. He is so caring. He will hardly let me
do anything, which is why I am writing in my journal while he bustles
around, much to the hilarity of fellow travelers.
He seems to think he needs to protect me as though I am a delicate flower.

He has the wonderful pottagethat Imma sent along, simmering over the fire, and soon I will be munching on some of her good homemade bread. For special times, she makes  it the way that Ezekiel  recommended, and I love it so much. It has millet and lentils and spelt in it, besides barley and wheat. It makes me homesick for her, and our memories of forming loaves together 

Abba was sadly unapproachable, he turned stiffly away when I wanted
to give him a goodbye hug. Oh, if only he would believe that something
so pure and holy has actually happened to his little tinoki.The angels
visit so long ago was wonderful. I wish I could renew that feeling of
blessedness more often. It would give me more courage.

P.S. The potage was warm and nourishing; it will be our last hot meal on
this trip. From now on, we will be dipping into our leather bags of cheese
curds, dehydrated fruits, and so on. Our goat skin water will have to be sipped sparingly because of the route we are travelling.

I am exhausted so must quit. I feel like I could sleep well anywhere
tonight, even on a folded blanket under the stars.

21st Chisleu

Abigail edged over to me this evening while her husband was
involved in a heated discussion about politics with some of the other
men. She clasped my hand, and confided that she was certain I was
carrying the Christ Child had been afraid to tell me earlier. I was
consoled, but still had to fight the temptation not to be hurt since she
had not stood by me earlier, if she truly believed. I hope she will be my dear friend once again when we return to Nazareth.

As she turned to walk away, I saw her thickly fringed eyes were sad in her small, pale, face, and I couldn’t hold it against her for shunning me. Would I have done any better if rumors had spread about her while she was betrothed?

Yosef is heading my way now. I am sure my peace-loving husband
wearies of all the angry critics of the Romans. While the sun was setting, Yosef and I had an inspiring conversation about the coming of the Mashiach, and our great El’  Shaddai, hallowed be His Name.

Yosef is such a deep thinker, and he studies the Torah, (law of God,)  and the prophets so diligently. I am able to ask him many questions. His answers are so beneficial to me.

After  a while, we started singing a Psalm. It starts like this:
Oh El’ Elohim how excellent is your name in all the earth! Who has set
your glory above the heavens? A little later it mentions considering the
heavens, the work of His fingers, and the moon, and the stars which
He has made. Yosef told me that the stars are foretelling the Christ
Child’s birth, but that is too much for me to comprehend!.

It is a beautiful starry night, and our hearts are lifted up in praise to
the great El’ Shaddai, hallowed be His NameSome of the other pilgrims joined us in singing. It was Banoah,( blessed) indeed.

People are friendlier now that we are on the road. Alleluia
El ohim Yisrael!

I had better roll up my little scroll, and carefully tuck it back into
its leather case for it is time to sleep.

Good night, my dear readers, as if there would ever be any!

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