Friday, 26 December 2014

Get Me There On Time

George Mueller had an appointment on Friday at one o'clock, in Montreal. Problem was he was still stuck at sea, and he had been for days. The ship was locked in heavy fog and the captain wouldn't dream of trying to venture closer to land under the circumstances. He hadn't reckoned with George Mueller who claimed he had never been late for an appointment and didn't intend to start now. Well the captain tried to reason with him, all the while wondering what kind of insane person he had on board.

George said "Let's go pray about it," so they found a quiet place and did. After Mr. Mueller had his little talk with God, the captain, who was also a Christian, was going to add his own petition but George restrained him. "No, you don't really believe, so don't bother, besides the prayer has already been answered. .They went back on deck, and the fog had vanished. 

By the way, do you know who George Mueller was? He was an Englisher back in the 1800's who ran a large orphanage pretty much on prayer.  It was a common occurrence for the children to sit down at an empty table but after George lead in prayer, someone would come with food, or the money to buy food and he claimed they never had more than a half hour wait. 

No, it wasn't because he advertised or worked on peoples' emotions. He prayed. Do you have that kind of faith in your Heavenly Father? What, unselfish desire does He want you to ask for but you haven't expected He would give it anyway?

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