Friday, 31 October 2014

Worse Than Halloween!


The Ninth Plague
This is based on one of the Egyptian's plagues back in Moses' time, but not from the Israelites viewpoint!
"Mamma!" The shriek struck terror to Re-bae-taih's heart, but she was helpless to do anything about it. Somewhere in that deep, intense darkness her son was lost. "Mommy!" the quivering wail came again.

"Mee-kii, I am over here!" Her voice sound eerie in the thick darkness. She made circles in the air in front of her, too afraid to move.
Where am I? Re-bae-taih couldn't even remember what she had been doing when this sudden, awful smothering darkness had descended covering everything as far as the eye could see.
She could not recall where she was, so how could she know where three year old Mee-kii was? Then she dimly recalled that she had been kindling a fire outside of their abode in order to make breakfast. A fire! Why can't I see it? Would it burn them even if there was no visible flame? I must find Mee-kii!"

"Mee-kii come to me. You must come to Mommy, dear."
"I can't find you," he sobbed.
Re-bae-taih didn't doubt that for one instant. Even the sound of their voices seemed distorted.
She wondered where Dathan, her husband was. Was he on his way home from work? He was a miller, and knew very little about the goings-on between the overseers and their Israelite slaves. He had learned though, that all the awful plagues of the last while were the result of Pharaoh refusing to let the Israelites go. Where they wanted to go, and why, he had not been able to find out. I am so afraid that Dathan may be lost somewhere in the streets, or fallen into the Nile and drowned! She dared not think about it.
Somewhere nearby she heard the thin wail of her newborn. Lill-da-nan was waking up and would be hungry. At least the darkness wouldn't be alarming to her, or would it? Her little boy started to cry, and the baby's wails grew louder.
I must find them. I must. But Re-bae-taih was afraid to move in any direction. What if I walk right into the fire? She shuffled along with her arms stretched out stiffly in front of her. Only a deep vacuum seemed to surround her, and suddenly she realized that the normal, friendly sounds of their small neighbourhood had all been hushed.

I am afraid of the dark. I have always been afraid of the evil spirits that lurk in the dark. And now this. How many demons have put a curse on us, and why?
to be continued...

The world around us is steeped in spiritual darkness. Jesus is the light of the world. Are we holding up His warm, friendly, inviting Light so they can find safety and freedom from fear?

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